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There are plenty of things to check off your to-do list if you are having company over this holiday season. We compiled a list of 5 cleaning tips to ensure your home is in tip top shape before your guests arrive!

Cleaning Service Tips Christmas

1.) Clean The Oven

Let’s face it, you probably don’t clean your oven very often, but it can definitely smell up your kitchen. You might have grown “immune” to the odor….but it is still there!

You can use the self-cleaning feature, or you can do this by hand.

If you use the self-cleaning feature, make sure to wipe the ashes out and you will need to clean the door by hand. There are plenty of oven cleaning products on the market, but a damp wash cloth and hydrogen peroxide should do the trick!

2.) Declutter

We all have clutter in our home. Whether you pile your papers in the kitchen or the living room, there are probably areas in your home that could use some minor organizing. This is always a great way to spruce up your home, plus, it is nice to actually know what is in that junk pile!

3.) Dust

I know, dusting is quite obvious. But, we wanted to give you a list of some of those neglected areas that accumulate dust throughout the year.

Ceiling Fan
Top of doors
Light Fixtures
There are plenty of other areas that could use some dusting as well, but these are a lot of the areas people forget about! You can also check out these 8 easy ways to reduce dust in your home.

4.) Clean The Bathrooms

Nobody likes going into a dirty bathroom! So, make sure to do a few of the basic bathroom cleaning tasks. Here are a few things that are on our bathroom cleaning checklist:

  • Toilet
  • Taps
  • Light Fixtures
  • Outside of cabinets
  • Mirror
  • Outside of toilet
  • Counter Top
  • Polish Sink
  • Shake rugs
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Hand wash hard to reach areas
  • Scrub/Sanitize Tub/Shower
    Note – Each bathroom is a little bit different. However, this is a pretty basic checklist for you to follow.

5.) Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

If you simply don’t have the time to spruce your home up yourself, you can always turn to the professionals. Whether you need a house cleaning in Tampa or a house cleaning Washington, DC, there are companies that make it easy for you to customize your cleaning with easy online bookings.

When you hire a house cleaning service, make sure to specify exactly what you would like done. A lot of companies recommend a deep cleaning for first-time clients. However, you might want to add a few extras like: inside your oven, inside the refrigerator, interior windows, baseboards, or any other special tasks you might have. Here at Sudsy Buckets Home Cleaning we offer all of these services, and can get your house looking great!

That Wraps Things Up

We hope you find this Holiday Cleaning Checklist helpful, and if you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

Happy Holidays!


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